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Frequency range 0.1 to 42 MHz
Frequency resolution 1 Hz ; 0.1 Hz or 0.01 Hz
Series resistance range 5 Ω to 3000 Ω
Series resistance resolution 0.1 Ω
Temperature range -200C to 500C ( Pt -1000 sensor)
Temperature resolution 0.01C
Crystal current (RMS) range 0 to 100 mA
Crystal current resolution 0.01 mA
Analog channels resolution 16 bit
Communication RS - 232C serial port standard
  USB      ( using USB to serial adapter)
Power requirements 12 V DC (wall type)
  5 W during warm up (10 minutes)
  3.2 W during normal operation

QCM-3 is a highly advanced mass measuring instrument for adherently deposited films on the surface of a quartz crystal resonator.

It is dedicated to research activities and specific applications in vacuum, gases or liquids.

QCM-3 works together with the "Dual Oscillator (DO-1)" and the "QCM-soft".

It measures :
- two independent frequencies
- two independent series resistance
- one temperature
- one driving level (crystal current RMS)

In addition QCM-soft calculates :
- deposited mass and its rate
- film thickness and its rate

All measured and calculated data are logged and displayed both numerically and graphically by the QCM-soft.

The measurement ground is separated from the computer ground using optocouplers. Thus, it is possible to connect an external voltage or current source to the crystal electrode.

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